Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moving On

Well it's been a ridiculously long time since my last post but it's been a ridiculously busy summer. I left Saudi in July fully expecting to return to the Kingdom at the beginning of September to a fantastic new job. Well, Saudi has a way of laying waste to even the best of plans but suffice it to say I will not be returning to the desert at this time.
Over my extended summer vacation I spent an amazing time crossing Eastern and Central Europe. Saw some old friends and colleagues which was truly fantastic and satisfying in many ways. I also had the good fortune to meet lots of interesting new people and saw some amazing things as well.
Spent some time in Canada with the family and went to a wedding which was extremely memorable except for the parts which I don't remember and according to witnesses I probably don't want to remember.
Since then I have returned to Europe having a few days of rest and relaxation before finally after 3 months re-entering the workforce as an English teacher. I will be spending the next 10 months or so in Prague and am starting to get really excited about it. So unfortunately no more posts about the eccentricities of the Saudi people and instead a year of posts about Prague and its inhabitants.