Friday, June 29, 2012

The Final Countdown

So it's been awhile since my last post as not too much has happened here. One gets used to the day to day and those things that at first seemed unusual and remarkable fade into the background and just get accepted for what they are.
Thoughts at work have shifted to next year and the annual uncertainty as to what will happen when contracts end. Who's going where and for what money. The rumour mill spins into overdrive as speculation is taken as fact and opinions are regarded as the gospel. I am luckily unaffected, as at this point in time have taken a new position for the coming year and I can spend my time dreaming about my summer vacation.
I have 13 more days here in the kingdom until my whirlwind tour of Europe begins. Six countries in six weeks, looking forward to seeing familiar faces and places with a healthy dose of new experiences and adventures. I am not sure if it's possible for the reality to live up to the fantasy I have already crafted but even if my trip is half as good as what my mind has envisioned I will be more than happy.
I can already taste the bacon omelet and an Irish coffee followed by copious amounts of beautiful blonde, amber, and dark beers.